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 Good bye ganja!

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Good bye ganja! Empty
PostSubject: Good bye ganja!   Good bye ganja! EmptyWed Oct 20, 2010 9:04 pm

Well i don't know how to start srsly ganja is one of the most unique people i ever met in wacraft ][][][.I'm not kidding he always been so nice he always been so fair to everyone he always been funny...really sad he has to go...i had great fun with him rly great happy and sad moments i think he will be one of the few i'll remember from this game called wacraft..He helped warlock a lot to make a bit more famous but now it's time that he leaves Crying or Very sad

Everyone should write smth here,.....

P.S. i hope in future you quit smoking(Bad for ur health)

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Good bye ganja!
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