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 New Grunt System!

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New Grunt System! Empty
PostSubject: New Grunt System!   New Grunt System! EmptySat Jan 22, 2011 6:59 pm


I'm glad to be able to present you our new grunt system.

-There are a fixed number of grunts - starting with 6 grunt slots and adding more later on.
-About once a month there will be a grunt tournament for clan WoW members
-The top peons in that tournament win a "challenge right". Grunts and others are allowed to participate aswell, but they can't win "challenge rights", and they can't steal peons a challenge right.
-Using a challenge right, a peon has one chance to play against a grunt of his choice in a 1on1 game.
-If the peon wins, he swaps place with the grunt. If he loses, the grunt keeps his position.
-The number of challenge rights given on a tournament depends on the number of participating peons. 1-4 peons -> 1 challenge right, 5-8 peons -> 2 challenge rights, 9-16 peons -> 3 challenge rights etc.

The grunt tournament:
-Tournaments will be announced at the forum in the tournament section
-A tour uses the double elimination system for 1on1s which allows every player to lose one game but still remain in the tournament.
-Different kinds of tournaments may be done (1on1, 2on2, ffa, shuffle etc.), but we'll start with a 1on1 ("-league -11") tournament.
-Poll for the date of the first grunt tour: [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

Additional rules for the challenges:
*Every grunt can be challenged only once per tournament. The #1 peon has the first pick, the #2 peon the second pick and so on.
*A grunt can not deny a challenge.
*Grunt and peon have one month time to play their 1on1. They are adviced to agree on a date for playing using this forum. Grunts or peons who don't give their opponent a chance to play (eg. by being afk for most of the month) lose automatically.
*1on1 challenge games between grunts and peons use "-league -11" and the latest official version
*Saving the replay is recommended.
*In place of a 1on1 challenge, 2on2/3on3/4on4/5on5/6on6 games can be played if everyone agrees. All members of one side must be grunts and all members of the other side must be peons with challenge rights.

10 players are participating at the grunt tournament: 4 grunts and 6 peons. Since there are 6 peons, 3 challenge rights are awarded for the best three peons, even if all of the grunts played better. Those three peons, starting with peon #1, can now pick any one grunt they want to challenge. Peon #1 decides to challenge the grunt he thinks is weakest (or possibly one who has been afk for months and can't play anyway) to maximize his chance of becoming grunt. They arrange a date to play or just play at some random time when both are online, and if peon #1 wins, he swaps position with that grunt.[/i]

Questions and suggestions are welcome.
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New Grunt System!
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