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 How to use the spells as best as possible!

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How to use the spells as best as possible! Empty
PostSubject: How to use the spells as best as possible!   How to use the spells as best as possible! EmptyWed Mar 03, 2010 3:56 pm

Here i will post and continue to update and share tips/strategy's/builds etc.
This is like powerlevel in wow, you can learn everything on your own, or try to do as i say, even if it doesn't make much sense, and i can guarantee you will get 2x times better or MORE!!!! After you do that , you can improve my strategy to suit you better and be the best Smile
Tested and worked 100%.
You must try to do the following:
-use the tips and strategy's i tell you bellow
-wish to get better


So let's start with a basic question you all have?

''Why is X better then me? I'm using hotkeys just as he does,I'm moving Okay, i know the basics of every spell, so why can he beat me that easy?''

Good question, the truth is that he is using the spells BETTER THEN YOU DO.


Lets see how you use each spell, and what you do wrong!


Are you using it from distance?
-Here is a common mistake most players do, if you use it before your opponent and from range it will 90% be a miss, afterward your opponent is free to push you out of arena with fake fireball, and when the right time comes(he is near you and probably you stop for scourge he will hit you)
How to get better:
1- Use it near opponent
2- Be patient, when the right time comes(best is to wait until he uses his fireball or stops for scourge) hit him
3- Remember fireball is a combo starting spell. which means you should use fireball+ another spell depending on the situation
Fake fireball?
Most of you know this trick right? Press fireball hotkey then hit S or H fast to fake it. It's great for annoying and pushing the opponent.


Aw man. This spell ROCKS. It decides if you win the game or lose it 90% of times.
Do i need to say more about it? As my father used to say ''Strike fast as a thunder bolt, and they shall fall''.

-cooldown ready and you use it asap, even if you get a 100% hit.
-defensive(depends on your location, if you are at the edge of arena, don't hesitate to defend yourself with all you got)
-AoE Explosion ( fb + lightning ) because damage and knockback is low. Use it only when enemy is in lava to push him more.
-When your enemy is in: Net, Magma, work of Gravity, Linked or used timeshift

-always in combo.What do I mean? 3 common combos:
*Fireball + lightning
*Cluster(firespray) + lightning
*Thrust + Lightning
* WW + Light
* Splitter + Light

When TO USE:
-when you have control of the arena(opponent is at the edge or near edge)


And here we are at Teleport, maybe the best escape/attack in warlock. This spell is very powerful in the right hands. Since the introduction of many pillars in 093, teleport got a very big advantage over thrust, of course only for those who know what they are doing, and when to use it.
Unfortunately i am still using this spell bad, and because of that i am a thrust player.
1 very important rule: always use teleport when the enemy is firing/fake a spell that way, he will react harder to your teleport since he has to cancel his spell or let it go.Never teleport when he is waiting for you to do it.

Good ways of using teleport:
-try to teleport when you are in inferiority and being pushed extremely or you are at the edge(Note: Don't teleport near the enemy and try to scourge him because if he is a good player he will expect that so better teleport near a pillar and wait for him to use his R spell)
-if you are extremely good with teleport, you can try attacking when the enemy has cluster and shield on cooldown. DO NOT TELEPORT WHEN HIS CLUSTER IS READY.
If you know that teleport is your weakest point, don't hesitate to upgrade it to level 2 at round 3!!!

When not to use:
-if you are in lava and enemy stops, 90% he is expecting you to use teleport , so what do i do now? Well use your teleport spell but not near him and then strike him fast with lightning or cluster and expect him to use his R spell now so fake scourge.
-never attack when the enemy doesn't have any spell on cooldown.


Yes yes yes! Scourge along with fireball will help you push your enemy. It's also a good defensive spell because if used right, opponents can't push you.
Now you will ask me something like this: ''but if he is coming to me , and i stop walking i'm an easy target''
Just stop for 1 second but don't scourge, and then move quickly. Most of the time your opponent will use his fireball or another spell because he thinks that you will scourge, but SURPRISE he just missed Smile and you are free to push again.
Fake scourges(the 1 second stops), will also improve your aim and make you push even more , making you a killing machine. Master it and you are on your way to NO 1, no joke.
Of course you can be annoying and make 2 fake stops and move quickly, that way your opponent will be greatly annoyed and miss allot.
When your opponent is in lava start scourge after 1-2 sec and DON'T CANCEL IT. That is a mistake which leads to defeat, even if you lost 10 hp for nothing, sometimes you will get him!
To count the 1-2 sec , do the following:
Enemy is in the lava, you start casting scourge, stop it fast and start casting it again, but this time don't stop.


I will only explain strategy's with cluster mode since everyone seems to use it in 1v1 fights, and I have little experience with the other mode(i have no idea what is the name of the other mode :S)
This spell is a starting combo move. Firespray is probably the most powerful starting combo spell.
Well because if you know how to use it, you will hit your opponent hard!

When to use firespray?

-best situation is when your opponent will stop and try to push you by scourging, that's your chance right there to hit him hard, then use a lightning and you just won the round.
-you can use cluster in 2 defensive situation:
*when you know that the opponent will cast lightning , so just throw it out in his face, it will block lightning
*when you have your R spell on cooldown(teleport/thrust/swap) and your opponent will use his R spell to attack you for sure
-learn to ''backfire'' with it, you will be amazed how good this is when opponent is in windwalk trying to hit you like a raged bull

Never use cluster when:
-you are unsure if it will hit
-just because the cooldown is off
-when opponent is near you and his shield is not on cooldown
-only for distracting opponent


Yet another cool spell which can decide the winner/losser if used right.

When to use:

Use shield when you are near(note not very near or you will get hit because bugged) in the following situations:
-when you are sure that your opponent will use his fireball or firespray, this will make him get hit by his own fireball and you can push ALLOT
-to PUSH
-when opponent activates his shield or rush and try's to get near you and scourge.
-vs thrust users when they are in lava

When NOT to use:
-when you are far from your opponent and he will use lightning, get over it let it hit you don't use shield just to counter it, most of the times lightning will hit you because it's instant and well you didn't activate shield fast enough
-when cooldown is off just because it's cool to use shield
-when you know that even if you activate shield you won't be fast enough to scourge your opponent away from you because his too close and he already started to scourge you(best option here is to run away if you got boots or teleport/thrust/swap away)


-use shield then force field(gravity second form), it will slow down the opponent and because of the constant 0,5 dmg he takes, it will make him panic trying desperately to run away from the ''circle of death''. Just go near him and scourge his ass!!!! He will most likely use his R spell which gives you a big advantage!


A good spell for escaping or attacking depending on situation.

When to use:

-If most of your spells are on cooldown and you are being pushed , it's a great way to win some time and get in control of arena again
-when your opponent windwalks

When not to use:
AGAIN don't use ww just because your cooldown is off.

Attacking strategy: Use windwalk, wait for your opponent to use his firespray/scourge on invisible cows, and strike him, then hit him fast with lightning(NOTE: if his shield is not on cooldown and he is a good player, don't use lightning, he will most likely activate shield.)


The Y spell. The only useful spell from the column in my opinion.
It's a very good spell, and a combo starting spell.

When to use:

-against pillar huggers
-to push
-for powerfull combos

When NOT to use:
-use it alone with no combo or push tactic
-use it BEFORE your opponent
-just because the spell is not on cooldown


Non-toggled version. This is just a spell that throws enemy's spells out of you, very good when you got no other spells to block and you need to avoid them in order to survive. Also used in combo with cluster, causing in 50% to hit all projectiles in da face.

To summarize:
-push push push, is the way to WIN, never go back(this doesn't means you have to endure everything the opponent throws at you, try to DODGE, DODGE and DODGE!)
-always use your spells in combos of 2 or more, using lightning for a merely 7 dmg is a failure which will lead to your defeat
-work on your dodge and aim, play public games, use only fireball + lightning to win the game.
-always play a public game or team etc before playing a 1v1 , because you will feel more ready and prepared for the 1v1 afterward.
-very important is your fireball usage, TRY to use it after your opponent does.
-lightning is a finishing move, using it at the right moment will grant you the victory.
-wait for your opponent to use his spell, after that his dead meat.
-give all you got, don't hesitate to try new powerful combos which will shake and smash your opponent like an insect

If you got any questions, please ask me, i will gladly answer.

Coming soon:
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How to use the spells as best as possible! Empty
PostSubject: How to use the spells as best as possible!   How to use the spells as best as possible! EmptyThu Mar 04, 2010 4:51 pm

Very nice reading, gj.
+1 Wink
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How to use the spells as best as possible! Empty
PostSubject: Re: How to use the spells as best as possible!   How to use the spells as best as possible! EmptyThu Mar 04, 2010 5:26 pm

Very comprehensive and clear guide. I think a lot of novice players can learn from this. So with this, start to read and pick up the useful information.
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How to use the spells as best as possible! Empty
PostSubject: Re: How to use the spells as best as possible!   How to use the spells as best as possible! EmptyThu Mar 04, 2010 5:43 pm

Lol GlueCow Guilde from our forum...
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How to use the spells as best as possible! Empty
PostSubject: Re: How to use the spells as best as possible!   How to use the spells as best as possible! EmptyTue Mar 23, 2010 11:28 pm

nice information Journey

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How to use the spells as best as possible! Empty
PostSubject: Re: How to use the spells as best as possible!   How to use the spells as best as possible! EmptyThu Apr 01, 2010 2:23 pm

maybe i'm a bit late, but i'm an newbie and i think i could learn much from this guide for my playing-style^^
thank you!

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How to use the spells as best as possible! Empty
PostSubject: Re: How to use the spells as best as possible!   How to use the spells as best as possible! Empty

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How to use the spells as best as possible!
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