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PostSubject: Introduction   Introduction EmptySat Feb 13, 2010 7:05 pm

World of Warlock is a warlock clan we're many players can play and enjoy the game of warlock. In the past there been a larger community of clans, but had it's best days and will now continue as one and only clan where new and experienced players may draw. Clan WoW is offered with 2 hostbots for warlock and 1 hostbot for all custom maps beside warlock to avoid monotony. We have WoW.Hostbot wich is meant for all Peon members and WoW.Hostbot2 we're Grunt members can get admin addition while they lose acces to the first bot. WoW.Hostbot2 is an multi-realm hostbot and host over Europe and US-East. For more information about the hostbots you can check the 'Hostbots' section below the 'Supplies' category. Of course there will be regular tournaments to play, you can even design or assist making tournaments in concert. So far description about Clan WoW at Europe, for questions or comments answer below.

Edit: Since the clan is full now and still recruits, we need to expand. but this does not change anything it will remain as one clan and really only place for new members. The clan is called Clan WoWs and will simply be given the same as the ordinary Clan WoW. We can establish in the same channel to keep some vivacity.
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