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 Easy tricks/defense

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PostSubject: Easy tricks/defense   Easy tricks/defense EmptyThu Sep 02, 2010 11:20 pm

Here below I will provide some useful tactics and counters to use in matches of Warlocks,
follow these tips to defeat any opponent either a pro or new player.

Windwalk and Thrust
If you have bad accuracy Sad or just cannot follow your opponent then these two spells are the
best for you. You will need AoE(Area of Effect) spells to make up for the disadvantage of bad accuracy,
so use windwalk and thrust, in combination or seperately depending on what you would like to do.
Windwalk-Add the bonus of invisibility and knockback and you get an easy win, just try to avoid any fireballs or other spells that will give away your position or push you into lava, move fast to your intended target and just walk into him (this is much better when your target is near the lava and he gets pushed out to his death), also if you need a quick getaway from an opponent or from lava just use windwalk's increased movementspeed to get away. Suprise your enemies from the rear comboing windwalk with Firespray or Boomerang.

Thrust is a spell that pushes you outwards at fast speeds towards safe ground or towards your opponent depending upon the situation or requirements at the time. For example yourself and one other opponent is all that is left of the players, he teleports into the middle of the small section of safe land and intends to scourge you, move out into the lava to avoid the scourges knockback, then thrust the other player into his oblivion, but beware even if he is far away from you your opponent may still come back(depending on how upgraded his teleport is or on how succesful the thrust was). Thrust's AoE almost guarentees that you hit someone , but it can be blocked or negeated by timeshift, (which lowers damage and allows spell cooldowns to go by) shield, (which blocks your thrust and may send you into the lava Crying or Very sad ) or rush (which absorbs damage as movement speed thus making your opponent very, very fast). MAKE SURE YOUR OPPONENT HAS ALREADY USED THESE DEFENSIVE SPELLS BEFORE YOU THRUST INTO HIM. Also thrust's path may be disturbed to spells such as fireball, firespray, lightning, meteor, gravity, well you get the idea. However there is a way to avoid all these nuisances. A combo of Windwalk+Thrust+Shield.

As you Thrust(hotkey R) use Windwalk to add extra damage and not sure about this extra knockback. Also if an annoying player decides to shield up as you thrust your thrust will be blocked, but your windwalk cannot be just simply walk up to him and say HELLO! This tactic might also confuse enemys due to the fact your invisible and now they must spam spells to hit you before you knock them back to doom. Be ready to anticipate a scourge from the player as this is an effective way to push back any attack by windwalk.
Use SHIELD BEFORE YOU THRUST to protect you from any rouge fireballs or firespray's so that your path to target is not disturbed.
For the Ultimate Combination add all three for one GIANT ATTACK Mad Shield before you thrust and windwalk as you thrust to defeat your foe.

Shield-Shield can be your greatest defense and counter if you use it properly. Use it before an opponent fireballs you deeper into or to lava. Use it to send fireballs, splitter, meteor, drain, bouncer, and firespray back into your opponents face lol!. Also it is useful when an opponent tries to SWAP or THRUST into you (the result of shielding before this is your opponent has no escape from his firey death upon the lava). A popular tactic these days is to LINK with an opponent and then use Meteor(magma version) to inflict massive amounts of damage, just use shield as your linked and send THAT METEOR BACK INTO THE OTHER PLAYER.
Always use Shield when:
1. You are on the lava
2. An opponent is sure to try to escape the lava using thrust or swap
3. your are linked
4. As someone attempts to thrust you
5. To block a massive attack by other players agaisnt you( I'm talking about 5 fireballs boomerangs and lighting going off everywhere massive attack)
6. When someone uses Homing, then send it back to his FACE.

If you like speed then you like RUSH, if you enjoy dodging your enemies or speeding very fast over the lava you will enjoy rush Very Happy . Rush is a spell that converts a certain percentage of damage to movementspeed, and it also minimizes knockback. Rush is great for dodging and for escaping the lava as the lavas damage is added to your movement speed, if you get rush I also recomend that you get level 3 boots of speed (the item) to add more ms(movement speed). Use the increased MS to dodge enemy spells and to more easily hit and follow your enemy across the map. Use Rush to follow the target you choose as a Hunter chasing it's Prey.
-A good Combo to do is Rush+Windwalk as your speed will be ridiculously fast, for an easy windwalk attack the trick though is to RUSH BEFORE YOU WINDWALK!

I particulary do not use this spell much , but I have seen it used perfectly by other players.
Firespray is a spell which fires out mutiple (weaker) fireballs. It is perfect for blocking enemy attacks such as lightning, fireball, bouncer, drain , and other range spells. I also recomend that you use it as an extra push for an enemy Evil or Very Mad into the lava. I do not use E(hotkey) column spells much because I focus on the others, but Firespray I truly recomend getting in the begining of a game.
It is great in Combination with fireball or windwalk.

Other players may disagree Mad with what I say about Homing, but I believe it is a waste of money, as any decent player may dodge it, or block it easily with another spell or shield. I will say this much it is useful agaisnt a player that is already upon the lava, or you can combine Homing with Fireball and Bouncer to easily knock an enemy out of the SAFE ZONE(ground area that is not upon lava).

Magic Binding
This is a spell which binds your oppponents to a location making them easy prey to other players. I recomend getting this spell particulary for its easy use to make players become stuck to the lava lol!. You may also just use this to make a player angry at you forcing him to come at you while you are indeed leading him to a trap.

This is a spell which switches places with another player or spell such as fireball , meteor , homing and ect. I recomend this spell just for its usefulness to put another player onto the lava. Very Happy Imagine this, you are on the lava trying to get to the safe zone but you see a player near death and swap place with him, WHILE ALSO SAVING YOURSELF YOU GET A KILL TOO! Swap is also a great counter to Thrust, stay near the lava and let someone get cocky and try to thrust you, just swap places with him and he ends upon the lava, then follow quickly with scourge, fireball, lightning, firespray, or any other apporpiate spell. Swap also confuses your opponent Neutral and may make him waste a spell(what is not better then your opponent without a spell!).

Lightning is the death of your enemies, the knockback of doom, no wonder Zeus(greek god of the lightning and the sky) liked it so much it became his main weapon. Lightning is best used in combo with thrust, windwalk, gravity, and basically every spell avaliabe to you it is best comboed with! It's like a christmas present that never ends! santa Also you may use it to block attacks. Another great combination is if your enemy has shield up cast fireball then overlap that fireball with lightning while close to your opponent to create a FANTASTIC EXPLOSION that does damage to your shielded opponent due to its AOE!

Your basic spell, your first offense and your last defense. If you have great accuracy you can hit anything that is on the map with it. Combine it with everything and once overlapped with lightning create a FANTASTIC EXPLOSION! Use it to block unfriendly spells and to send your enemy further into the lava, you may spam it if you wish or you can use it wisely, either tactic works perfectly. Just remember to anticipate which way your opponent will go and send it to that spot.

Splitter is a spell which sends out multiple blue power balls at enemies. You can use it in cluster or target mode. Cluster is best for dealing a great amount of damage Laughing or to send your opponent back into the lava. Target mode splitter is best for dealing damage to large amounts of players in a spead out area and is best combined with gravity. bounce

Gravity comes in two forms a greenish ball which attacts spells and players alike to it or in a small pentangle which continually does .5 damage while slowing players down. It is great for getting rid of pesky groups of players or killstealing. Mad Use it in combo with teleport to easily scourge an enemy this same tactic also works well with rush, just simply rush-scourge-fireball=gg(of course the other player may try to teleport/rush/time shift out of the situation so try to use it after you see the player waste this spell).

You must anticipate any teleport from an enemy Evil or Very Mad at least 1 second ahead of a teleport/swap to send HIM BACK TO THE LAVA OF DOOM!! cheers Scourge otherwise is a spell which does 10 damage all around you and to yourself but knockback any enemys near you, this spell is perfect for early rounds! Use it in combination with gravity(either form of it works) and always follow through with a fireball after using it.

Meteor is a spell which has two forms,
Form 1(meteorite)-It sends a meteor from the air crashing down causing aoe damage and knockback.
A great tactic to use with this is to use this spell upon your current location(perferably near lava)
and then swap locations with an opponent causing him to suffer damage and knockback!
Form 2(magama)-Sends out a single rock of firey death causing damage as an opponent is sent back until finally the magma ball explodes doing aoe damage/knockback, this spell works particulary well with link, simply link an opponent then send the magma ball at them as they are linked towards you and pushed outwards by the magma until finally it explodes, THIS DOES CRAZY AMOUNTS OF DAMAGE(if used properly)

Teleport is a spell which teleports you(obviously) a far way across the map, it allows for a quick, easy escape and a fast way to scourge an opponent near the lava. Teleport works great with the spell boomerang as your opponent isn't expecting you to tp(teleport) behind them and send them flying away with a boomerang to the back. Also after doing this it is very useful to shield or use firespray to either block your opponents escape or to further push them back into death! Laughing Teleport also unlike swap or thrust is not blocked at all by shield, you can teleport near a sheilded player and easily scourge them. Teleport also has a shorter cooldown on it and this is even better when you upgrade it using the ring of jordan, fully upgraded teleport has a 5.5 second cooldown, in comparison fireball has a 4.3 second cooldown and scourge even smaller then that, allowing for rapid combination of these spells many times. However teleport does have it's negative sides, for example if you are knockbacked and you teleport THE KNOCKBACK STILL TAKES EFFECT Crying or Very sad , this is also true for swap.

To win a game of Warlocks you must be able to remember what spells each opponent has, for example, you know the blue player has thrust, shield, fireball, ect. and you must be prepared for these spells and to recognize when the player has already used them. Because during the time that his spells are on a cooldown then you can come in for the kill. Also, you must ANTICIPATE THE OTHER PLAYERS REACTIONS put yourself in his shoes.

I realize I have left out some spells and stradegy's but I will add on more later....
Ty, for your time I hope the guide assists you in games.

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PostSubject: Re: Easy tricks/defense   Easy tricks/defense EmptyFri Sep 03, 2010 5:50 pm

I already knew all those stuffs but anyway it will be helpful for some people..well done enduring Wink
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PostSubject: Re: Easy tricks/defense   Easy tricks/defense EmptyFri Sep 03, 2010 5:56 pm

Ty Very Happy
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Easy tricks/defense
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